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Mom in Red Scarf. © Jan Holzbauer

Mom in Red Scarf.
© Jan Holzbauer
“Handweavers’ Guild of America Award”
FiberWorks 2016

Monthly Meetings

Oklahoma City:
September through May: Second Thursday, 7:00 pm at The Village Library, 10307 N. Penn, OKC

Second Tuesday, 6:00 pm at B-Sew-Inn, Farm Shopping Center, 51st & Sheridan, Tulsa


2017 – 2018
Meeting Schedule, Oklahoma City chapter

September 14 Come meet Sarah Atlee and hear about her fabulous adventures in fiber art, quilting, and working in so many different studios. 
October 12

Linda Temple will present the inspiring story of long-time FAO partner organization, Weave A Real Peace (WARP), along with some timely information about the Global Market in OKC that purchases many of its products from groups that are connected to WARP. The Global Market is open in November and December and is staffed by volunteers, with all proceeds benefiting the La’Angum Learning Centre in northern Ghana, founded by Alice Iddi-Gubbels. Many long-time FAO members know Alice through weaving and her charitable work and have been involved in staffing the Market.

November 9 November’s program in OKC is ALL ABOUT ALPACAS.  Join us to listen and learn from Dr. Steve Hull and Janice Robinson, both of whom own alpaca ranches near Oklahoma City.  There is a whole world of interesting topics surrounding these unique, beautiful animals, from animal husbandry, breeding for fleece quality and color grades to differences in varietal fleece products available to fiber artists.  Come see and feel the yarn, fleece, and wearables available and hear about the needle-felting tools used to create some of them.  You’ll be glad you did! 
December 14  
January 11 On January 11, the OKC chapter is taking an exciting field trip to view/tour SHIFT, a fully immersive, experiential art installation that challenges the participant to physically
explore the full-sensory environment. Factory Obscura, a collective of artists and community builders, formed earlier this year to produce large scale installations that require new forms of audience engagement. This is the first such installation.

Meet at the Current Studio, 1218 N. Penn, OKC a few minutes before 7:00pm for the
experience. Carpooling is encouraged. Parking is available at the site, and at Nic’s
across the street (it will be closed). Please RSVP by January 9 to Karen Collier
( so we can give them an estimate of how many of us will be there.

February 8

You know that red and blue make violet, but did you know that the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet? For February, Linda Temple will present an informative program on the fascinating history, techniques and applications of dyeing with two amazing natural materials – indigo and cochineal. The deep rich blues of indigo and saturated red of cochineal have been used for dyeing yarn and fabrics for hundreds of years. Join us to learn more about these wonderful dyestuffs.

March 8

Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Work? 

Agnes Stadler, member of the OKC Modern Quilt Guild and frequent fiber art workshop instructor, will discuss some of the sources modern quilters go to for inspiration. She will explain what sets modern quilting apart from “traditional” and “art” quilting, how this distinct style emerged in the 2010s, and what influences have fueled the modern movement. She will tell us how she came to modern quilting, and how she finds inspiration in the work of favorite graphic artists, photographers, traditional and ethnic textiles. All types of fiber artists can learn from this inspiring talk! 

April 12  
May 10  


Meeting Schedule, Tulsa chapter

October 10

Katrinka Booth, one of our newest members, will give a presentation about her fiber art. She uses her imagination, thread, and her sewing machine to create beautiful free motion stitched designs and scenes on fabric. Katrinka makes wall hangings and purses from the embellished fabric. She will be talking about her work, sources of inspiration, how she translates the idea onto fabric, and her techniques. Her work is sold at Tulsa Artery and through her Facebook page, Wallflowers by Katrina Booth.

 November 14 Toni Swayze, a member of the OKC group, is coming to Tulsa to teach us how to quill.  Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs.  Quilling starts with rolling a strip of paper into a coil and then pinching the coil into shapes that can be glued together.   Come join us to learn this fiber art.  We meet at 6:00 at B-Sew-In The Farm shopping center at 51st St. and Sheridan in Tulsa.